A simple reason to vote for Steve:

Do you want to pay less taxes?

Winnebago County is losing at least $4 million every year because of bad money management.

That totals at least $60 million in lost revenue while our current treasurer has been in office.

What does the Treasurer have to do with this?

It is the job of the Treasurer to invest our money.

Our Treasurer’s investments are currently earning only about $75 thousand a year.

That number should be $4 million a year.

How do we get there?

Current 2 year US Treasury interest rate = 4.3%

Even if only $100 million of county funds are available for a two-year investment, our potential investment income is at least $4,300,000/year vs the current $75,000/year we are getting.

More investment income equals less tax increases.

Steve’s Experience

With 32 years of investment experience Steve Schultz will do better.

He has a proven record of success.

Under Steve’s leadership, funds he managed grew by 1,000% to over $540 million.

Elect Steve Winnebago County Treasurer

Save with Schultz!